the Proportion Of Blu - Wide Leg - Cinque

Wide Leg - Cinque

by the Proportion Of Blu
the ProportionofBlu wide leg jean in cinque. Also available in sizes 30, 31, and 32.
  • 98% Cotton
  • 2%  Polyurethane
  • Made in USA
  • Front Rise:  8.5"
  • Inseam:  34"
  • Leg opening:  26"
  • This is a Final Sale Item


At the core of every PropotionofBlu creation lies the Golden Ratio; a naturally reoccurring sequence of measurements and patterns found in the very building blocks of all life.  From the most intricate designs in nature to the most sublime achievements of man, the ratio manifests itself.  It lies in the air vortex of a bird's wing, the sensuous curves of a Stradivarius Violin, the structual design of the Great Pyramids, adn the double helix that houses our very DNA.  It is about form, fit, and functionality.  It is about the beauty of everybody and everything.  They meticulously hand-craft every ProportionofBlu creation "in the ration just for you".

This is a final sale item

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