Black Halo


Designer Lauren Berman has produced a brand of modern classic clothing for every women. Lauren was born in Spokane, Washington, now based in Los Angeles. Attending San Francisco Academy of Fashion and working in the industry with different design brands provided her the experience that helps her be the successful designer she is today. Her collections are inspired by unexpected places and through her creative mind beautiful garments are made.  

Black Halo is not only effortlessly simple, but sexy, polished and sophisticated as well. Her signature simple dresses, such as the ‘Jackie O’, are infused with unique silhouettes and draping. With any piece from Black Halo, the clothes are masterpieces: artfully designed, skillfully tailored, and romantically modern.

Jackie O - Black
Black Halo
Jackie O Lace - Passion Fruit
Black Halo
2-Tone Jackie O - Horizon/Black
Black Halo