3J Workshop/JWLA


Under the Johnny Was brand, designer Victor Tanisaka launched 3J Workshop in the summer of 2004. Using embroidered shirts with menswear stripes each item is special and unique to the wearer. Paying special attention to detail, each garment is made to flatter the body. Taking his inspiration from everywhere, Tanisaka’s creations are unique making each person stand out from the crowd.

JWLA is fun, young, funky and original, yet can be worn by women of all ages. JWLA is known for their soft cotton jersey tees and tunics with bold and beautiful colored graphic embroidery.

JWLA was started when designer Victor Tanisaka joined the Johnny Was Corporation in 2004. He also designs 3J Workshop, an urban Men's and Women's Sportswear line, and Yellowfield 8, a printed silk printed dress collection. Victor graduated from The Fashion Industry of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles back in 1988, and has had a successful career in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. He names JWLA as one of his favorite lines he has ever created. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Janet Jackson are among the fans of this line.